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Well, I haven't set up a proper commission page. So here we go!

Sketch $3

An unrefined pencil sketch of a character.
Bonus Ink Smudge comic by RandomKooldude

Bust Pencil, Traditional, or Digital $5

A bust of head and top of shoulders, Color included.
Mess around by RandomKooldude

 Half body $6 

Traditional or Digital
Pencil/Linework. Color is $8.
Approximately half of a character.
Yes! May I take your order? by RandomKooldude

Full Metal Alche-- I mean, Full body Characters

Simple line work or Pencil: $11
Request: Homsar, the Captain of the Gravy Train. by RandomKooldude

Pen and ink: $13
Strongbats! by RandomKooldude

Simple coloring: $15 
Derpy by RandomKooldudeCommission: Ted by RandomKooldude
Complex rendering/coloring: $20
Disdain by RandomKooldude     Which Luna? All of them! by RandomKooldude     Charles Hensly, Busboy Deer by RandomKooldude

These Prices are PER CHARACTER. I am willing to offer discounts with multiple characters.

Backgrounds and items range from $2-20, depending on what is desired.


Forest Lullaby by RandomKooldude    Internship Project 1 by RandomKooldude  Commissioned Oil Wash by RandomKooldude

You MUST contact me if interested in an actual piece of this kind of art.

Feel free to contact me to talk things over. I'm willing to negotiate prices. I'm only dealing in USA Dollars (USD); I'm not to familiar with the DA points system. Send me a note if interested. I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason or no reason. Do not request lewd or NSFW things.

So what if I do commission you? What's it like?

Well, first off, thanks! Here's the steps:

1. We'll talk about what you want. If it is something like an OC, I might do an rough sketch idea for approval (unless your commissioning me to DO a sketch. In that case, skip to step 2).
2. You'll approve and send me the money via paypal. I'll email you an invoice.
3. I'll create it! And when I'm done, I'll post it on DA. (If it's something like a digital file, I'll send you a full resolution copy of it.)

I retain the rights to my art that I make. You are free to post your commission, distribute it, and use it as you like, of course. It would be nice for a link back to either my DA page, tumblr here, or my Patreon page here. I don't have a set amount of slots open. I'll just let you know in the comment if I need to close these commission.



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Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Here we go. I'm an artist, and even though I've learned much, I can still learn more. I am many things, but a Christian first, and most important.

I feel like I should have more stuff to say. Well, I like a lot of stuff. I'm definitely a fanboy :).
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WIP for ZappCon! by RandomKooldude
WIP for ZappCon!
UPDATE: Zappcon is just a couple days away!!! Here's an update of the art for it! Just a few more tweaks, then onto coloring!

Hey everyone! I've said this before and I'll say it again here, I'm going to Zappcon in Fresno, CA and selling my art there! I'm working on art for them, definitly, but I'm also making this promo art for it too! The main heroine is the hero of Zappcon, Ink Smudge is on the left and :iconbunnygirl2190: is on the right. I'm sharing a table with her at Zappcon too. Check out her stuff! She makes some nice stuff! I want to start inking this one soon (and since this is just the prelim stage I'm not worried about the image quality too much). If you see anything that needs correcting, let me know now, lol. This stage is easier to make the corrections. As I progress, I'll upload it until I finish it. I'll show you the process of completion :).
Learn about Zappcon here.
Look me up on Patreon or if you want to commission me here's a link. Leave a comment if you want!
Page 14: Nip it in the Bud by RandomKooldude
Page 14: Nip it in the Bud

<Previous> <First> <Next>

Well, I'm back again. I wish I had posted this one earlier today :/.

It's not just in art, but in any major or in any job this could happen. This goes beyond a flash of resentment; outright bitterness can fester if you let it. (I can remember an example of this.) It can manifest into an attitude of a constant belittling or sniping at others, constantly putting them down. But this also can come about from frustration. Seeing someone do something effortlessly in what you struggle with, can trick you into taking out your frustration on them, even though it's no fault of their own. Another think to think about, it that is can be so easy to slide into this mentality and it take a deliberate decision and effort to stop it.

Maybe in art, artist can be more prone to do this, but I think it would depend more on the pony himself, rather than the job or situation.

Tell me what you think, if you want. Enjoy today's comic.

What do you see there, boy? by RandomKooldude
What do you see there, boy?
In my life, I've come across many books and comics books. And Usagi Yojimbo is one of them. I'm so grateful for the library, I first found Usagi Yojimbo there. I'm not to sure as to when I started really reading it. Only in the past few years have I been reading more of it. Usagi Yojimbo can be like a river, it can be appear calm on the surface, but be very powerful. The creator, Stan Sakai, has been drawing this comic since the 80s! And he's still doing it! Seriously! You can go and pick up the latest issue at your local comic store, if yours is fortunate enough it carry it (and mine is ^^). these stories have a very wide range, from from comedy to tragety, and they, and the characters are diverse and entertaining. 

I did this piece in black and white because that's how Stan Sakai does it, pen and ink. He has done coloring of them (seen in his beautiful covers and Usagi Yojimbo:Yokai) but he still does it in black and white. I find that to be very cool. Usually color is the norm for mainstream comics, but he still stays with black and white. (Some older comics have been colored though. I have such a one.) I think it's great that these comic still stay black and white and without forcing coloring forced onto it. Although, manga is the same, black-and-white way though, I guess that's not so different  for comics to stay that way. (Usagi Yojimbo an american comic; Stan Sakai is American-Japanese.)

I definitely recommend it. But if you want to star from the beginning you had to do a little digging. The "first" book, "Shades of Death" is actually the eight book. I think when Usagi Yojimbo moved from Fanagraphics to Dark Horse, they renumbered them. Wow I talk a lot. Anyway, I think I'll be selling this one at Zappcon too, prints and the original (details of Zappcon here). I hope you guys like it. Again,  Patreon, commission me, or leave a comment!

Usagi Yojimbo belongs to Stan Sakai. This is unofficial fanart.

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