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Cloud Strife Cosplay from Final Fantasy VII Advent by TMProjection

I like the contrasting lighting. It does well to define him. The costume also looks good, but is he supposed to have a sword on his bac...




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United States
Here we go. I'm an artist, and even though I've learned much, I can still learn more. I am many things, but a Christian first, and most important.

I feel like I should have more stuff to say. Well, I like a lot of stuff. I'm definitely a fanboy :).
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Well, I haven't set up a proper commission page. So here we go!

Sketch $3

An unrefined pencil sketch of a character.
Bonus Ink Smudge comic by RandomKooldude

Bust Pencil, Traditional, or Digital $5

A bust of head and top of shoulders, Color included.
Mess around by RandomKooldude

 Half body $6 

Traditional or Digital
Pencil/Linework. Color is $8.
Approximately half of a character.
Yes! May I take your order? by RandomKooldude

Full Metal Alche-- I mean, Full body Characters

Simple line work or Pencil: $11
Request: Homsar, the Captain of the Gravy Train. by RandomKooldude

Pen and ink: $13
Strongbats! by RandomKooldude

Simple coloring: $15 
Derpy by RandomKooldudeCommission: Ted by RandomKooldude
Complex rendering/coloring: $20
Disdain by RandomKooldude     Which Luna? All of them! by RandomKooldude     Charles Hensly, Busboy Deer by RandomKooldude

These Prices are PER CHARACTER. I am willing to offer discounts with multiple characters.

Backgrounds and items range from $2-20, depending on what is desired.


Forest Lullaby by RandomKooldude    Internship Project 1 by RandomKooldude  Commissioned Oil Wash by RandomKooldude

You MUST contact me if interested in an actual piece of this kind of art.

Feel free to contact me to talk things over. I'm willing to negotiate prices. I'm only dealing in USA Dollars (USD); I'm not to familiar with the DA points system. Send me a note if interested. I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason or no reason. Do not request lewd or NSFW things.

So what if I do commission you? What's it like?

Well, first off, thanks! Here's the steps:

1. We'll talk about what you want. If it is something like an OC, I might do an rough sketch idea for approval (unless your commissioning me to DO a sketch. In that case, skip to step 2).
2. You'll approve and send me the money via paypal. I'll email you an invoice.
3. I'll create it! And when I'm done, I'll post it on DA. (If it's something like a digital file, I'll send you a full resolution copy of it.)

I retain the rights to my art that I make. You are free to post your commission, distribute it, and use it as you like, of course. It would be nice for a link back to either my DA page, tumblr here, or my Patreon page here. I don't have a set amount of slots open. I'll just let you know in the comment if I need to close these commission. You can email me at or PM me through Deviant art.



Okay big post ahead! Here we go. Here’s my time at the Bakersfield comic con!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect too much at this con. I was apprehensive at going to Bakersfield. I’m glad I went! There was a HUGE crowd there. It felt more packed than Zappcon (but Zappcon was for two days. This one was only for one day, and that was only for about (6 hours). But it was Fantastic!

There was SO MUCH merchandise and comics! And the Cosplayers—My goodness–

Foxy, sans, Twilight Sparkle, a child Link, Howl and Sophie (with a baby too :D), Obi-wan, Black Widow– It was phenomenal. But that’s not the reason why I went, I went for

STAN SAKAI * fanboy squeel *. Okay, so I’m a fan of Usagi Yojimbo and I wanted him to sign my tea mug. AND HE DID :D!

(It got smudged a bit on the way home D:. But I refuse for that to detract from my enjoyment of it!) Now I need to buy a second mug to enjoy my tea in, lol. Oh man. AND HE HAD PINS! You know I’d be all over that. I bought one, of course. 

And I got book three of Usagi Yojimbo. He even signed that :D! This volume had “A Mother’s Love” in it. It’s funny—I didn’t even realized it when I bought it. I even complemented Stan of that story too. I’m glad it worked out that THAT book would be signed.

Also, there was Sergio Aragonés  here. One of Stan’s colleagues/friends (I got a comic from him, singed too!) and by Mike Kazaleh creator of Captain Jack. To be honest, I’m not too familiar with either one’s comics. But it was enjoyable to see them nonetheless.

Also here’s some other merch I got. There was cels there even from Winnie the Pooh and Goof Troop. I got this one.

It’s from the Anime “Fighting Spirit.” I haven’t watch it, but this cell grabbed my attention, so I decided to by it. Guess I should watch it now too.

This pin I plan to color in actually. The guy who made these also makes duck tape wallets using comic book art. And with the left over pieces, he turns into pins. I guess he decided to take some Calvin and Hobbes strips and make pins of it. I’m glad he did.

There was a good turnout of artist there. Even some from Zappcon were there. Like and There were new faces of course, like and Second Chance Comics bookstore (…). Even actors from the old show “Land of the Lost” were there. I plan to go again. In fact, I already gave an application and deposit to ensure a spot in the artist alley next year; and, it’s going to be a two day event! Looking forward to that!

There was also a WEDDING at the convention. And I met the married couple at Zappcon too :D. Amazing, isn’t it? Congratulation to the new Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown! (and an a linkf for them too Talk to you guys later. Oh, and tell me of some cons you’ve been too! I’d like to know.

  • Listening to: Razzle Dazzle (MLP)
  • Reading: (Need to read) Finding Pony
  • Playing: (Need to play) Undertale
  • Drinking: Green Tea
Alquin Selter by RandomKooldude
Alquin Selter
If you follow me on tumblr, you may have seen this guy. I only did him a few times, but I thought nothing of it. Well, because reasons I made this character sheet. I mean, you should see the other person's drawings of him. They're awesome. But you can't. Anyway, I'll probably mess around with him a bit more. Heh, funtimes. Go ahead and ask me questions about him, if you want.
Headshot of L by RandomKooldude
Headshot of L
Eh, I did this a while back. Thought I'd post it. Nothing fancy, done pen and ink on a multimedia paper. L's my favorite Death Note Character.
Silly Me when Cold by RandomKooldude
Silly Me when Cold
Listen, if you listen closely, you can hear people from the North laughing. As I like heat, I don't like the cold >-<. It's nice how soft blankets can be, but I don't like to layer clothes. Once you get comfortable, even if you shift slightly, you get cold all over again. Eh... My friend, he likes the cold! I know it different for others.

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